The cosmopolitan nomad Natalia Vigil Larreta was born and raised in the suburbs of Stockholm, but has her feets in every part of the world. Her parents and family originate from the cultural elite of Uruguay, with roots from
Italy and Spain. 

 Given Natalia’s rebellious character, she was sent off to her grandmother in Uruguay at a young age. During her time in South America she used to spend time in Punta del Este - South Americas Hamptons - and on the avenues
of Buenos Aires.  

The friction between the concrete suburbs of Northern Europe and the ballet and cello lessons has been a fountain of creativity. In her designs you find a taste of the boho-chic Punta del Este jetset, as well as the deep urban streets vibes of Buenos Aires and Stockholm. 

In 2010 Natalia started a journey. She brought her drawings, and through Bali, Hong Kong and Shanghai, it resulted in the first collection of what was going
to be FAV.